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Union Village Studio is a professional recording studio located downtown Brampton, ON Canada, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools.

Union Village Studio records vocals and instruments with an AKG c214 condenser microphone, an Apex 430 condenser microphone or an MXL910 condenser microphone. We also have a Shure sm58 performance microphone.


Our Harmon dbx dynamics rack consists of; a dbx 386 Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp, a dbx 231s Dual 31 Band Equalizer, a dbx 266xs Dual Compressor / Gate. The mic signal can either go through our Harmon dbx dynamics rack or be bypassed.

The vocals are recorded into Pro Tools through the Avid / Digidesign Digi003 for up to 96KHz, 24bit recordings on an Apple Mac Pro G5, with a light mix processed and prepared for mixing down.

You can hear the reverb, delay and other plugin effects in Pro Tools or other reverb and delay effects from the Alesis MicroVerb4 or the Anteres Autotune ATR-1a through Aux Inputs in the Pro Tools session file and are not recorded with your vocals. The effects can be changed afterwards during a mixdown session.

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