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Professional vocal recordings dynamically enhanced through analog & digital gear, giving clients the right start points for building a successful recording.

Audio editing, vocal tuning, high and low cut frequency changes, vst plugins from the Waves Plugins Mercury Bundle, Slate Digital Everything Bundle Pro & Avid Complete Plugin Bundle using Avid Pro Tools.

96KHz, 24bit Mastering on audio that requires equilization and enhancement on a final mix for replication and release.


Union Village Studio is an Audio / Video Production Facility offering services to clients that require audio production, recording, mixing, mastering, and replication services.


Created with some of the best analog and digital equipment to provide clients with a professional transition into professional quality productions and recordings.


We welcome you to Union Village Studio where you can complete your work in a professional private environment and atmosphere.

We’ve had many independent artists produce and record their music here at Union Village Studio at different stages of their career as well as different stages while building the studio.

At the current stage we are in, we will be upgrading with an AKG c414XLII, two AKG c414XLS, aan Avid Sync, Avid HDX Card, Yamaha HS8, Avalon 737sp, Empirical Labs EL8, Empirical Labs ELQ and an Allen & Heath SQ6 for clients that require optimum performance and quality in their recordings.

We will also be setting up a 10 Rack patchbay for plug and play access which will also be great in the mixing and mastering process giving access to any dynamic or effect rack module.

Check out some of the music currently  recorded at Union Village Studio with the current setup and equipment.

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Union Village Studio has some awesome digital and analog gear! Pro Tools Recordings, Mixing and Mastering; We make many of our productions with Akai MPC Software and VIP, with access to using Pro Tools, FL Studio 20, Reason 4, Logic Pro X, GarageBand or Ableton Live 9, for productions.

We have the Waves Plugins Mercury Plugin Bundle, Slate Digital Everything Bundle Pro, Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, instrument plugins from Arturia, Universal Audio and much more! We also have a variety of Analog MIDI Audio Sound Module Racks (rack versions to many popular synthesizers such as the Yamaha Motif, Korg Triton and the Roland Fantom) to make your productions come to life!

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At Union Village Studio we are looking for Professional Clients that require our services. Whether you're an artist, advertising consultant, website designer or you just want to get your audio production completed by a professional staff and equipment then contact us and book a session for you to come in and get started.

Productions are made for clients with Akai MPC Software, Akai Advance 61 & VIP Software, analog sound module racks; Akai s3000XL Sampler, Yamaha TG55, Yamaha Motif Rack, ...
Beat / Instrumental Productions
4 hr
Professional Recordings made with AKG c414XLII or an AKG c414XLS to an Avalon 737sp or to a dbx 386 Tube Preamp to dbx 231s EQ to dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate into Digidesig...
4 hr
Mixed on Avid Pro Tools HD with access to the following plugins: Waves Mercury Bundle, Studio Classics Collection, CLA Classic Compressors, SSL 4000 Collection, One Knob ...
4 hr
Mastered on Avid Pro Tools Finalized with Adobe Audition with access to the following plugins: Waves Mercury Bundle, Studio Classics Collection, CLA Classic Compressors, ...
5 hr


Ready to book a session? 


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Brampton, Ontario Canada

We are interested in Professional Clients that require our studio services. Union Village Studio Will Not Download YouTube Instrumentals. Come with your track files, instrumentals, etc. Union Village Studio Will Not Record On Copyrighted Material. Please acquire all rights in your material before booking an appointment. Union Village Studio will not be held responsible for any artist appearing on Copyrighted material.

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Sunday - Wednesday 8pm - 12am

Thursday -Friday 10am-2am

Saturday - 10am - 12am

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