Outboard / Rack Gear

Union Village Studio is a professional recording studio located downtown Brampton, ON Canada, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools.

As mentioned in the Recording Gear Section, Union Village Studio uses  a dbx vocal chain consisting of; dbx 386 Dual Vacume Tube Preamp w/ Digital Out AES/EBU, a, dbx 231s 31 Band Equalizer and a dbx 266xs Compressor / Gate going into the Avid / Digidesign Digi003.  


Our AUX Insert Effect Racks include an Antares AutoTune ATR-1a Rack and two Alesis MicroVerb4 dual channel parallel 18 bit processor rack and can be inserted into a Pro Tools AUX track.

Our Headphone Preamp is the ART HeadAMP6 capable of outputting 6 channels to a max of 12 sets of Headphones.


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Digidesign / Avid Digi003

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