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Professional Recordings made with AKG c214 to dbx 386 Tube Preamp to dbx 231s EQ to dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate into Digidesign Digi003 into Avid Pro Tools 2019 Standard at 48KHz 24bit or 96KHz 24bit on a Apple Mac Pro 5,1 12-Core Xeon 64GB RAM 240GB SSD+9TB HD2 OSX 10.14 with Anteres ATR-1a Autotune and Alesis MicroVerb4 Send & Returns. Avid Complete Plugins Bundle, Waves Plugins Mercury Bundle, and Slate Digital Everything Bundle Pro. AKG K52 Closed Back Headphones through an ART HeadAMP6 for monitoring purposes while recording and KRK Rokit6 for post-recording playback, mixing etc.

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